Blue River Group, LLCTechnology Solutions to Help Your Business Succeed


Blue River Group has been providing successful Information Technology solutions for clients for over 20 years.

We have designed, developed and implemented solutions that have saved time and reduced staffing needs. We have helped clients grow their businesses by becoming more efficient, communicating with customers and suppliers more effectively, increasing service quality levels, reducing staffing needs and, in many other ways, being better able to compete.

A brief sampling of some of the technology solutions we have provided are listed below.

Employee Performance Review System

Web-based toolset for 5000+ employee organization used to help manage the performance review and merit pay process. The solution gives supervisors the tools to:

  • Set goals for each employee at beginning of year
  • Perform a mid-year checkpoint with employee
  • Review direct-reports' self-reviews
  • Perform year-end employee reviews

Employee scores are auto-calculated based on assessment metrics and system analytics allow the organization's leadership to determine the financial impact of varying merit scenarios.

Staff Scheduling Assistant

The Staff Scheduling Assistant helps an organization schedule 150 part-time employees with varying work schedules allowing rapid deployment of resources to meet short notice, peak and off-peak staffing demands in an efficient manner while maximizing employee job satisfaction.

Employees are auto-scheduled based on days available, seniority, maximum hours allowed and other criteria. Additionally, employees are allowed to trade schedules online within certain restrictions.

Objectives were met and exceeded due not only to a streamlined and more accurate process, but also to a reduction in staff required to manage schedules.


Clinical Exam Framework

A clinical exam template assists physicians when assessing patients with mobility-related medical deficiencies, ensuring the physician addresses all parameters required by Medicare.

Upon completion, the framework auto-transcribes the clinician assessments into the appropriate payer-compliant documents required. Communication and document transmission between physicians and medical equipment suppliers is facilitated in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Investor Association Toolset

Real estate investor associations use this solution to manage their membership, plan events, communicate with members and provide ongoing education and training to investors.

Individual investors can easily create their own websites using wizards and templates. Tools are provided to build marketing campaigns, search for properties, analyze property values and create proposals.


EDI Order Management Desktop

For a manufacturer's rep firm, this application allows them to effectively manage high volumes of order and shipping documents received via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Orders, backorders and shipping documentation are downloaded from the EDI data store, validation and matching is performed, sales commissions are calculated and details are summarized in an easy to navigate document desktop when reviewing and resolving issues with stakeholders.

Fax Workflow Management

This solution was created to help physician practices manage the fax communications with other practices and patients.

Inbound faxes can be reviewed, electronically separated and routed for approval and electronic signature. Once approved, the documents are directly imported into patient electronic records.

Outbound faxes are assembled from varying patient documents and sent to recipients. All necessary HIPAA disclosure information is captured and logged appropriately.