Blue River Group, LLCTechnology Solutions to Help Your Business Succeed


At Blue River Group, we work with the same technologies that Fortune 500 companies have chosen for their reliability, scalability and security. Technologies that are sophisticated, reliable, standards-based and high performance.

With every software solution provided by Blue River Group, you can rest assured that you will have a solution incorporating industry-standard technologies that can be easily maintained, supported and enhanced.

Following are just a few of the technologies we use.

Microsoft ASP.Net, MVC

ASP.Net is one of the leading developer frameworks, chosen by both large corporations and small companies due to its security, flexibility and productivity for the developer.

Windows Forms

Windows Forms, and its newer variant WPF, are the "Gold Standard" when developing applications that run on your Windows Desktop, whether a stand-alone or client-server application.

Microsoft SQL Server

When it comes to high-performance, secure and easy to administer databases, even in the cloud, SQL Server is at the top of the list for businesses today. You probably already use SQL Server in your company.


C#, VB.Net

Millions of developers worldwide use these programming languages for a reason. They provide a powerful, easy-to-understand, standardized and productive toolset for the developer.


These languages provide the necessary presentation foundation for web applications as well as the means to store and transport data in a standardized inter-operable manner.

Microsoft Access

For quick, easy to develop desktop applications that easily interface with other Office Applications such as Outlook and Word, Microsoft Access remains a popular choice for many companies.